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I am currently a professor (associate) for innovation and sustainability at the School of Management Fribourg and a member of Social Transitions Research at the University of Basel. China and Central Asia have been my areas of research for now four decades. I have contributed to the development of sustainability studies and the environmental humanities, and introduced research and curriculum innovations in various institutions. My current book project is about the data processes, disciplinary pressures, and review mechanisms that resulted in climate change denial one century ago. My projects, programs, and initiatives are typically long-term endeavors, tackle fundamental issues, combine mixed-research and culturally sensitive approaches, and associate academic and non-academic partners. Published in four languages, my work of the geography of knowledge on climate change has received awards from twelve different countries. The Institutes for Advanced Study of Uppsala, Nantes, and Bristol have elected me Fellow. I have been since 2017 a member of the Society of Fellows of the Rachel Carson Center at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich. I went to the University of California at Berkeley for my postdoctoral training in natural resources, earned a PhD in geography at the University of Chicago, and used to be a student in political science at Peking University.

China and Central Asiaclimate changeenvironmental humanitiesfieldwork geographymethodology

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