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Praneeta is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Science at Ithaca College with interest in the intersection of environmental conservation and social justice. Prior to coming to Ithaca College, Praneeta was a post-doctoral fellow in environmental justice and sustainability at the University of Denver. Praneeta received her Ph.D. in Environment and Natural Resources from the Ohio State University.

Praneeta’s scholarship involves examining micro and macro-level power dynamics, socio-cultural inequalities, and actor interactions in the governance of shared resources through case study methods. Praneeta has conducted cross-national research on how racial and caste inequalities in the U.S. and India affect watershed management. Praneeta has also conducted research in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda on power dynamics among decision centers and its impact on the governance of Lake Victoria’s polycentric fisheries.

Other projects have included examining pro-environmental behaviors among young adults in the United States and decolonizing land managed by institutes of higher education in the United States. Praneeta’s work  has appeared in journals such as Environmental Science and Policy, Society and Natural Resources, Environmental Policy and Governance, International Journal of the Commons, and Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences

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