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Salem Afeworki is a seasoned sustainability leader and practitioner who is passionate about bridging the gap between science, data, policy and program implementation. She is the founder of Value Sustainability, a boutique consultancy that specializes in clean energy, climate change and community engagement services based in Southern California. She has worked in multidisciplinary settings for local government (City of Costa and City of Burbank – California), multinational corportations (KPMG and Jacobs Engineering) and international organization (the United Nations) in North America, Europe, Latin America and Africa. This has allowed her to cultivate a global, realistic and inclusive approach to problem solving.

Salem holds a BA in Communication and Political Science and a Masters degree in Environmental Management and Auditing. She has also completed several executive leadership programs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of California Berkeley (UCB) and University of Southern California (USC).

applied researchclimate safe infrastructuredecarbonizationinterdisciplinarypractitionerpublic policyresiliencesustainability

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