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What is the future of global climate governance? Who says so, and who benefits?

I am a Research Associate at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Germany, and a PhD candidate at the Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development at Utrecht University. I explore the politics of knowledge-making and emerging socio-technical strategies in post-Paris climate governance, drawing insights from waves of exchange between global environmental governance, governmentality studies, science and technology studies, deliberative engagement, and foresight practice.

My current work is on novel, potentially game-changing, but immature propositions such as solar geoengineering and negative emissions. I focus on the uses, limits, and hidden politics of anticipatory – or future oriented – methods (models, analogies, deliberative fora, scenarios, and gaming) to explore and navigate uncertainties surrounding emerging technology fields impacting global climate governance, as well as on the entrepreneurial role of scientists in these fields. I have previously researched the politics of climate governance for vulnerable states at the Centre for International Governance Innovation and the University of Waterloo (Canada).

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