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Dr. Sikina Jinnah is an Associate Professor of Politics at University of California at Santa Cruz, and a 2017 Andrew Carnegie Fellow. Her research focuses on the shifting locations of power and influence in global environmental governance, in particular in the areas of climate change, climate engineering, and the nexus between international trade and environmental politics.  Her first book (“Post-treaty Politics: Secretariat Influence in Global Environmental Governance,” MIT Press 2014) received the 2016 Harold and Margaret Sprout Award for best book in international environmental affairs from the International Studies Association.

She is currently working on a second monograph, “Trading the Environment,” which examines how preferential trade agreements influence environmental politics, as well as a series of articles related to governance of climate engineering. She is also the series editor (with Simon Nicholson) of a new book series with MIT Press, entitled One Planet. Prior to coming to UCSC Dr. Jinnah was an Assistant and Associate Professor of International Relations at American University’s School of International Service and a postdoctoral fellow at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies. She earned her PhD from U.C. Berkeley’s Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management.

She currently serves as an Associate Editor of the journal Environmental Politics, is on the editorial board for the journal Global Environmental Politics, is a Senior Research Fellow with the Earth System Governance project, and is a member of the Academic Working Group on International Governance of Climate Engineering at the Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment, and serves on that organization’s Advisory Board. Dr. Jinnah’s research has also been published in several scholarly journals, including: Global Environmental Politics, the Journal of Environment and Development, Environmental Research Letters, Berkeley Journal of International Law Publicist, Georgetown International Environmental Law Review, Global Governance, Climate Policy, and Science.

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Select Publications:


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  • Nicholson, Simon and Sikina Jinnah (eds.) 2016. New Earth Politics: Essays from the Anthropocene. MIT Press.


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