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Sofie te Wierik is a PhD candidate at the Governance and Inclusive Development program group of the University of Amsterdam. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on the governance of green water – all the water in the soil – and atmospheric water, for which she collaborates with the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics from the University of Amsterdam. She aims to develop a novel theory on green and atmospheric water governance. Whilst most water governance research, rules and policy is limited to blue water, she explores current and anticipated challenges evolving around green and atmospheric water in the context of the Anthropocene, following the research question ‘What are the key social-ecological and technological challenges associated with green and atmospheric water and its relation to land degradation, and how can we design key elements of a proactive multi-level water governance system?’

Sofie has a background in environmental science and holds a Masters degree in International Land and Water Management (Wageningen University) for which she researched sustainable land management in degrading lands in South Africa.

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