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Thais L. Ribeiro is a Ph.D. candidate at the International Relations Institute (IREL), University of Brasília (UnB). Her dissertation explores how subnational actors commit to global climate governance using exploratory statistics and a qualitative assessment with process tracing, focusing on the Brazilian federated units. She is a researcher at the research group on International System in the Anthropocene and Global Climate Change (CLIM), linked to the ESG Research Centre Brasilia. She is also engaged in research about environmental justice and knowledge co-production based on decolonial theories.

Latest publications

  • Inoue, Cristina Y. A.; Thais M. M. L. Ribeiro; Resende, Italo. S. Resende. 2020. “Worlding global sustainability governance” In: Routledge Handbook of Global Sustainability Governance 59-71, organized by Agni Kalfagianni; Doris Fuchs; Anders Hayden. 1ed.Londres: Routledge.
  • Ribeiro, T. M. M L.; Inoue, Cristina Y.A. 2019. “Liderança ambiental brasileira? O hiato entre os recursos naturais e as ações do Brasil na política ambiental global | Brazilian environmental leadership? The gap between natural resources and in Brazil’s policies in global environmental politics”. Revista Mural Internacional, v. 10, p. e43854.

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