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Vivek Anand Asokan has an interdisciplinary research background with a Bachelor in Technology from SASTRA University, two Masters in Interdisciplinary Sustainability-related programs—Tata Institute of Social Science and the University of Tokyo, and a PhD in Sustainability Science from the University of Tokyo. His research interests are cross-disciplinary, focussing on human dimensions of environmental change and sustainable development. He applies an interdisciplinary lens with interests in sustainability assessments, sustainability frameworks, footprint analysis, natural hazard and resilience, science-policy (science-business; science-society) interface for decision making and philosophy of interdisciplinary research.

Published Papers:

  1. Asokan, V.A.; Yarime, M.; Onuki, M. A Review ofData-Intensive Approaches to Sustainability: Ontological, Epistemological, andNormative Challenges. Sustainability Science.
  2. Asokan, V. A., Yarime, M., & Onuki, M. (2019). Bridgingpractices, institutions, and landscapes through a scale-based approach forresearch and practice: A case study of a business association in South India.Ecological Economics, 160, 240-250.
  3. Asokan, V.A.; Yarime, M.; Esteban, M. (2017) IntroducingFlexibility to Complex, Resilient Socio-Ecological Systems: A ComparativeAnalysis of Economics, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Evolutionary Biology,and Supply Chain Management. Sustainability, 2017, 9, 1091.doi:10.3390/su9071091
  4. Asokan, V.A.(2017) Power of Networks and Peer Pressure: AnAnalysis of Sanitation in Slums of Mumbai. International Journal of SustainableFuture for Human Security. 5(2), 11-20. doi: 10.24910/jsustain/5.2/1120

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