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Associate Professor Sustainable Production & Consumption at Utrecht University (NL), with special focus on global sustainable supply chain governance and corporate sustainability strategies.

President of the International Sustainable Development Research Society

Former Program Leader International Master on Sustainable Development, Utrecht University, also linked to the International Joint Degree Program Sustainable Development

Extraordinary Associate Professor, Sustainability Institute, Stellenbosch University (SA)

Visiting Professor TERI University, New Delhi, India


Key research focus on governance systems for sustainability in global supply chains.

Teaching on Business, Sustainability and Innovation; and innovative approaches in governance for Sustainablee International Sustainable Development Research Society (see


* Social scientific analysis of practices of governance for sustainable development, collaborative approaches by market and civil society and governments;

* Focus on sustainability of globally traded products; creating shared 3P value

* Academic teaching in these areas.

For a list of publications please go to Researchgate

For more information go to Utrecht University, Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development and LinkedIn

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