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Mr. Canfa WANG got his M.A. in Environmental Law from the Environmental Science Center of Beijing University in 1988; and got his B.L in Law from Department of Law of Jilin University in 1982. He has been working in environmental law at China university of Political Science and Law (CUPL) since 1988. Now, he is a senior professor at CUPL, a part time lawyer at Beijing Huanzhu Law firm and the director of Center for Legal assistance to pollution Victims (CLAPV).

He has published numerous articles on these topics in both English and Chinese as a professor of environmental law at CUPL. Under his initiative and leadership, Center for Legal Assistance to Pollution Victims is the first and the only one of its kind in China. This Center launched a new model in China’s environmental dispute resolution and easing the tension among the government, polluters and pollution victims.

Profesor Wang has presided over or taken part in the drafting and discussion of more than 30 laws and regulations and rules on environmental protection, include Water Pollution Law, Clean Production Law, Environmental Impact Assessment Law, Regulation on ODS Management and etc. Wang was elected as A Yearly Person of Green China in 2005.

He is one of Time magazine’s 2007 World Heroes of Environment. He is one of three persons for The 13th Nikkei Asia Prizes in 2008 and One of Ten Outstanding Contribution Persons to Environmental Protection During Reform and Open of 30 Years which was awarded by People’s Net. He also was awarded as one of “Justice Persons of China in 2009”. He was elected as one of ten persons for a major contribution to rule of law in china for ten years by CCTV. He started to promote the legislation on smoking control in Beijing since 2011.

Selected Publications

  • Chinese Environmental Law Enforcement: Current Deficiences and Suggested Reforms. Vermont Journal Of Environmental Law; Spring,2007. Volume 8,Issue 2; pp.159-193.
  • The problems of “Yuanming Garden Spreading Dround Plastics Case”Face by the Environmental Influence Evaluation Law, Published by Academic Journal of Zhongzhou, Vol.149, No.5. 2005.
  • Probing into Causation for Lower Costs of Infracting Environmental Law and Perfecting Its Ways, Published by Environmental Protection, Vol. 335, No. 9, 2005.
  • Some Studies on Legislation of Trans-Jurisdiction Water Environment Management, Published by Modern Law Science, Vol.38, No.5, 2005.
  • Transjurisdictional Water Pollution Management:The Huai River Example,published by Water International, Volume 29, September 2004 。
  • The Legal Study on the Tactical Evaluation of Environment, published by published LEGALFORUM, Vol.19, No.3, 2004.
  • On Special Legisation of Environmental Disputes Settlement and Compensation for Environmental Damage, published by Water International, Volume 21, No.5, 2003
  • On Basic Principles of International Biosafety Law, Published by Modern Law Science, Vo.25, No.4, 2003.
  • On Limitations of Legislation on Environmental Administration Mechanism of China and the Ways of Perfecting It, Published by Journal of China University of Political Science and Law, Vol.21, No. 4, 2003.
  • On Some Character of  New Law on Marine environmental Protection of China , Environmental Protection, Vol. 335, No. 4, 2000.
  • Setting up a Legal System of Framework on Biosafety, Trade International,No. 7, 2000.
  • Problems and Countermeasures in Legislation of Resources Comprehensive Utilization in China, published in ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Vol. No. 8 (Serial No. 250) 1998..
  • On the Provisions of Environmental crimes in the new Criminal Law and Its Implementation, published in TRIBUNE OF POLITICAL SCIENCE AND LAW. Vol. No. 1, 1998.
  • The Effects and Contributions of UNEP to the Development of International Environmental Law, published in Legal Science of China and Foreign Countries, Vol. No. 3, 1994.
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  • Issues Requiring Urgent Resolution concerning Legislation on Punishing Environmental Crimes in China, published in Chinese Legal Science,Vol.No.1,1996.
  • The Theory and Practice  of Resolving Environmental Disputes (a book), published by Publishing House of China University of Political Science and Law in July 2002.
  • A course in Environmental Jurisprudence for Students of Law (a textbook for law students) published by Publishing House of China University of Political Science and Law in September 1997.
  • Annotations on Law of people’s Republic of China on the Control of Water Pollution (a book)published by Chinese Environmental Science, Publishing House, January 1997.
  • Some New Research on Basic Questions of Environmental Law (book) published by Chinese Environmental Science, Publishing House, October 1995。
  • Some analysis and Guidance on Enforcement of the Law concerning typical Cases on Environment (book) published by Chinese Environmental Science, Publishing House, October 1994.
  • Annotations on four laws and one regulation concerning environmental protection (a book)published by Chinese public Security University, Publishing House, March 1993.




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