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Yamineva’s primary area of expertise is international climate law and governance, where she has published on the UN negotiations’ process, climate finance, and short-lived climate pollutants (black carbon, methane). She has been participating in the UN climate negotiations in various capacities for more than a decade. She has also conducted research on national and regional contexts (Russia, China, Arctic, also EU, Central Asia, Indonesia). Other topics include air pollution law and science-policy interface (IPCC studies).

This work has been published in leading academic journals including Nature Climate Change, Earth Systems Governance, Environmental Science and Policy, and Transnational Environmental Law. Yamineva has also contributed to several major UN and other policy reports, including the 2019 UNEP-CCAC report ‘Air Pollution in the Asia-Pacific: Science-based Solutions’.

Yamineva’s approach to research is interdisciplinary drawing on the fields of international environmental law, and global environmental politics and governance. She closely collaborates with climate and atmospheric scientists in several large multidisciplinary projects, including Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center (Academy of Finland flagship).

Yamineva holds Ph.D. in International Studies from the University of Cambridge. Following doctoral research, she worked in the intergovernmental negotiations for UN Climate Change Convention Secretariat (climate finance) and International Institute for Sustainable Development.

She is from Bashkir ethnic minority indigenous to Russia.

air pollution lawclimate governanceclimate lawIPCCScience-Policy Interface

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