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Are We Missing the Bigger Picture? An Analysis of How Science Can Contribute To an Ecosystem-Based Approach for Beach Management on the São Paulo Macrometropolis

Xavier, Luciana Yokoyama, Leandra Regina Gonçalves, Helgio Herminio Checon, Guilherme Corte, Alexandra Turra. 2020. Are We Missing the Bigger Picture? an Analysis of How Science Can Contribute To an Ecosystem-Based Approach for Beach Management on the São Paulo Macrometropolis. Ambiente & Sociedad 23, 0–3.


The complexity of human-environment interactions in coastal areas represent management challenges, especially in the beach environment, important for its ecosystem services and contribution to human well-being. To overcome these challenges, ecosystem-based management proposes a more holistic and integrated approach, with a great contribution from scientific knowledge. We present here a review of Brazilian scientific production related to beach management, focusing on the Macrometrópole Paulista. The review showed that research on beach management is in an embryonic stage, being focused on biophysical information and without presenting indications for the application of the knowledge generated in decision-making processes. We conclude that it is imperative to invest in studies with an interdisciplinary, integrated and applied approach in order to promote the ecosystem approach. This is a worldwide challenge, and has been tackled by international initiatives such as the promotion of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.


Full article available here

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