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Editorial to the second volume of Earth System Governance

Sénit, Carole-Anne. 2019. Editorial to the second volume of Earth System Governance. Earth System Governance. Vol. 2.


We are delighted to present here the second volume of Earth System Governance, the new open-access journal for all those interested in the study of institutions, political processes and governance mechanisms related to environmental change, earth system transformations and the quest for global sustainability.

Less than 12 months after launching this new international journal, we can already rely on a stable flow of excellent papers that will be published in this and the forthcoming volumes. These sets of papers will also show the breadth of research on earth system governance as it has evolved over the last decade. More specifically, the articles in this second volume highlight, each in their own way, the importance of inclusiveness, democracy and justice in earth system governance.

Full article available here  


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