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Governance: as a Crosscutting Theme in Human Dimensions Science

Brown, Katrina, Gabriela Litre, and Ruben Zondervan (editors). 2009. Governance: as a Crosscutting Theme in Human Dimensions Science. IHDP Update, 3.


Introduction: From Institutional Dimensions to Earth System Governance
Katrina Brown and Falk Schmidt

Institutions, Governance, and the Evolution of the IHDP
Oran R. Young

Governance and Authority in the Global Carbon Market
Michele M. Betsill

Urban Areas Carbon and Climate Governance
Patricia Romero Lankao

Industrial Transformation: Status of the Project
Anna Wieczorek

The Role of Governance in Managing Ecosystem Service Trade-offs
Ademola K. Braimoh, Julius I. Agboola and Suneetha M. Subramanian

Sustainable Water Governance in Times of Global Change: A Major Challenge for the Scientific and Policy Communities
Claudia Pahl-Wostl and Theo Toonen

The Start of the Revitalisation Phase of the Global Water System Project
Janos Bogardi

Governance and the Art of Overcoming Barriers to Adaptation
Susanne C. Moser

Funding Climate Adaptation: The Challenge of Identifying Particularly Vulnerable Countries
Richard J.T. Klein

The GECHS Project: Synthesizing 10-Years of Global Environmental Change and Human Security Research
Linda Sygna

Global Environmental Change, Human Health and Governance
Mark W. Rosenberg and Thomas Krafft

Methods for the Analysis of Governance Responses to Coastal Ecosystem Change
Stephen Bloye Olsen

Adaptive Food Governance
Hans-Georg Bohle, Benjamin Etzold, Markus Keck, Patrick Sakdapolrak

Governing Food Systems in the Context of Global Environmental Change
Diana Liverman, Polly Ericksen, and John Ingram

The GECAFS Synthesis
John Ingram

‘Good Governance’ and Global Change: Looking at Agents in Brazil
Susana Camargo Vieira

Earth System Governance from the Perspective of the Knowledge, Learning, and Societal Change IHDP Initiative
Ilan Chabay, Bernd Siebenhüner, Josee van Eijndhoven, Miranda Schreurs

Earth System Governance: The New Crosscutting IHDP Core Project on Governance
Frank Biermann and Ruben Zondervan

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