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Special Issue: Towards a Sectoral Perspective on Global Climate Governance. Volume 8, June 2021


Tim Rayner, Sebastian Oberthür and Lukas Hermwille coordinated this special issue. The authors derived six major findings from the contributions to this special issue:

  • The barriers and challenges to decarbonisation vary significantly across sectoral systems.
  • Similarly, the need and potential for the five functions of international governance institutions to contribute to effective climate protection also vary widely.
  • While the pattern is uneven, there is a general undersupply of international climate governance.
  • The sectoral analyses confirm that the UNFCCC and Paris Agreement play an important overarching role but remain limited in advancing effective sectoral governance.
  • While non-environmental institutions may present important barriers to decarbonisation, more synergistic effects are possible.
  • This sectoral approach provides a sound basis on which to identify sector-specific policy options.
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