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Where to begin? Defining national strategies for implementing the 2030 Agenda: the case of Switzerland

Breu,Thomas, Michael Bergöö, Laura Ebneter, Myriam Pham-Truffert, Sabin Bieri, Peter Messerli, Cordula Ott and Christoph Bader. 2020. Where to begin? Defining national strategies for implementing the 2030 Agenda: the case of Switzerland. Springer.


Five years after adoption of the 2030 Agenda, there is a general lack of progress in reaching its Sustainable Development Goals—be it on national, regional, or global scales. Scientists attribute this above all to insufficient understanding and addressing of interactions between goals and targets. This study aims to contribute to the methodological conceptualization of the 2030 Agenda’s implementation at the national level. To this end, taking the case of Switzerland, we tested and enhanced existing approaches for assessing interactions among the 2030 Agenda’s targets and for analysing the systemic relevance of priority targets. Building on our insights, the article concludes with an eight-step proposal for creating knowledge to support national 2030 Agendas.


Full article available here.

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