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Taskforce on Planetary Justice

The Taskforce on Planetary Justice in Earth System Governance Research aims to bring together an interdisciplinary group of scholars who are concerned with questions of justice on a planetary scale in the context of profound transformations of the earth system.


The Planetary Justice Taskforce of the Earth System Governance Project brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars who are concerned with questions of justice in the context of profound transformations of the earth system.

The Taskforce aims to address all normative dimensions related to justice in the context of sustainability governance. It is non-exclusive and includes questions related to both global and local scales, long and short term, practice and theory, all forms of governance and socio-economic processes, and human and non-human. Concerns of Planetary Justice relate to a diversity scales while also recognizing the connections between any scale and the earth system it is a part of.

It has the ambition to advance scientific understanding of justice as well as galvanize communities of research and practice to further consider and integrate planetary justice.

Practically, the Taskforce works to accommodate dialogue through maintaining an interactive website with frequent webinars, interdisciplinary workshops and panels on thematic issues at Earth System Governance conferences and other venues, and joint publications in the form of special issues and edited volumes with major university presses.

The Taskforce had a formal launch at a workshop in Utrecht in March 2018.

For more information about joining the Taskforce, please contact Dr. Agni Kalfagianni (


See the old Task Force Website for an archive of activities

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Looking forward to joining the 2023 #SDG Conference Bergen where our @ESG_SDG taskforce panelists will discuss key findings from the SDG Impact Assessment and avenues for accelerating change.🌏

Join in this Wednesday!

This year's conference 'sixth stream' is Inter- and Transdisciplinarity for Sustainability Transformations. But what are the challenges and opportunities in interdisciplinarity, especially for early careers? Check out the latest ESG Perspectives Blog:

Marielle Papin-Manjarrez @Marielle_Papin

Hope it will be of interest to many preparing abstracts for #ESG2023 @ESG_Project!

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