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Working Group on Planetary Health Justice


Human, animal and environmental health constitutes a critically important issue in relation to earth system governance, with far-reaching equity and justice implications. A new ESG Working Group on Planetary Health Justice is being established to:

  • support transdisciplinary and innovative research collaborations between researchers across disciplines, institutions, agencies and countries;
  • facilitate the transfer of knowledge and lessons learned, taking into consideration contextual and location-specific factors;
  • provide a platform for researchers from the ESG community along with policymakers and practitioners to identify research needs; and
  • progress research efforts that extend the existing ESG planetary justice research framework by applying a health lens.

The Working Group will be convened by Professor Kathryn Bowen, Professor, Environment, Climate and Global Health in the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, the University of Melbourne, and Deputy Director of Melbourne Climate Futures at the University of Melbourne. Proposed activities for the Working Group in 2022 include the development of a special issue within the ESG journal as well as an innovative session at the 2022 Toronto Conference in October 2022. To express your interest in membership of the Working Group, please contact Dr Belle Workman:


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📢 If you look into #sustainability transformations, this call for papers might be for you ▶

✍ It's open until 15 Feb in the run-up to the 2023 @Radboud_Uni Conference on Earth System Governance @ESG_Project.

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