Professor of Geography and Development, University of Arizona

Visiting Professor of Environmental Policy and Development, School of Geography and Environment, and Senior Research Fellow, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University

Diana is the co-director of the University of Arizona Institute of the Environment with Jonathan Overpeck. The Institute promotes interdisciplinary research, teaching and outreach on the environment at The University of Arizona. Her tenure and disciplinary home is in the School of Geography and Development where she teaches a graduate seminar.

She has maintained an affiliation with Oxford University where she is a visiting professor of Environmental Policy and Development in the School of Geography and Environment, a fellow of Linacre College, and a fellow in the Environmental Change Institute.

Her career has focused on the human dimensions of global environmental change and her main research interests include climate impacts, vulnerability and adaptation, and climate policy and mitigation especially in the developing world. She also works on the political economy and political ecology of environmental management in the Americas, especially in Mexico.

She has been an active member of national and international advisory committees on global change including the US NAS Committee on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change and the Inter American Institute (IAI) for Global Change Research. She is a member of the new National Academy of Sciences Committee on America’s Climate Choices which is advising the US government on responses to climate change and chair of the subpanel on Informing Decisions. She has also been the chair of the scientific advisory committee for the Global Environmental Change and Food Systems (GECAFS) program and member of the Earth System Governance scientific steering committee (2009-2014). Her editorial board roles include the Annual Review of Environment and ResourcesClimatic ChangeEnvironmental Science and Policy, and Global Environmental Change. She has worked closely with the UK Tyndall Centre for Climate Change and with several arts and cultural organizations on climate change issues

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