• 2022 Toronto Conference Call for Papers

    Find out this year's conference theme and how to submit for #ESG2022

  • New Taskforce

    The new Taskforce on Governance of Nature and Biodiversity will meet in January. Join them?

  • ESG Journal

    The ESG Journal is available to publish cutting-edge research presented at the annual conference, academic workshops, synthesising collborations by the taskforces and working groups.

  • 2020 Annual Report

    We take stock of the activities and output of our global research community throughout a challenging but exciting year.

  • Towards a Sectoral Perspective

    Climate governance must better reflect characteristics of sectoral systems.

    Cases presented in fossilfuel, extractives, power, energy-intensive industries, land, transport, aviation & shipping.

    ESG Journal
A new taskforce
Taskforce on Climate Governance

Strengthening climate policy research and mobilizing experts within the project, community and beyond, for effective and just climate policy

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A new taskforce
Taskforce on Knowledge Cummulation

Valuing the diversity of research strands and epistemologies within the community, the Taskforce aims to foster collaboration on shared research agendas, theoretical approaches, frameworks, methods, and datasets.

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Task Forces
Advancing Earth System Governance Research

Through Taskforces, the Earth System Governance Project seeks to push the frontiers of research in specific areas of its research agenda. Taskforces are open for all and often interact with other research communities all over the world.

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A new taskforce
Taskforce on the Sustainable Development Goals

Bringing together an interdisciplinary global group of scholars and practitioners to advance the scientific understanding of ‘governance by global goals’ and in particular the steering effects of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Earth System Governance

Open-access journal on governance that seeks to align current governance systems with the 21st century challenges.

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Cambridge Elements
Earth System Governance

Policy-relevant research that is of interest to both academics and policy-makers working on earth system governance.

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Research Centres
The research alliance strongly relies on a broad network that reflects the interdisciplinary, international and multi-scale challenge that lies ahead.
Oran R. Young Prize
The Oran R. Young Prize seeks to reward and encourage cutting-edge research by early-career scholars who could become the next generation of leading scholars in the field of environmental governance research – a field shaped and significantly influenced by Prof. Oran R. Young.