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Working Groups

Working groups are flexible research collaborations with more narrow or specific focus areas and commonly with limited time horizons. These groups either bring together a sub-community within a Taskforce or else are self-standing and mobilize scholars to study an unexplored area of earth system governance research.

, Working Groups, Earth System Governance
Working Group on Planetary Health Justice

Human, animal and environmental health constitutes a critically important issue in relation to earth system governance,…

Working Groups, Earth System Governance
Working Group on Democracy

This group gathers researchers from various disciplines who are interested in questions of democracy, power and…

Working Groups, Earth System Governance
Urban Working Group

The Urban Working Group of the Earth System Governance Project was created at the end of…

Working Groups, Earth System Governance
Asia-Pacific Working Group

The Asia-Pacific Working Group has an independent website that will be regularly updated by its members.…

Working Groups, Earth System Governance
Working Group on Environment, Representation and Rights.
ESGRREW was created in 2016, opening an inclusive and ethical space where different perspectives can join forces to shape a common understanding of our world in law and policy
Working Groups, Earth System Governance
Carbon Removal Working Group
Creating and enhancing carbon sinks has become the newest pillar of climate policy in the era of the Paris Agreement, which calls for a ‘balance of sources and sinks’ on route to the ambitious temperature targets of 2C – or even 1.5C – by century’s end...
Working Groups, Earth System Governance
Working Group on Economic Downturn and Climate Action

Climate action by state and non-state actors has become increasingly urgent, if the world is to…

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