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2022 TorontoEarly Career
Early Career Researchers – What should you expect from your trip to Toronto?

We are so looking forward to the ESG conference in 6 weeks in Toronto, Canada. If…

Early Career
How to respond to reviewers’ comments

In the life of every researcher comes a moment when their first (second, third, …) paper…

Early Career
How to prepare for your PhD defense

Are you you about to defend your PhD thesis? Are you just starting your PhD thesis?…

Early Career
How to write a good academic article?

Prof. Steve Sorrell (University of Sussex), Prof. Benjamin Sovacool (University of Sussex), and Assoc. Prof. Jonn Axsen (Simon Fraser University) published…

Early Career
How to get published

Building on the academic writing tips in the previous Early Career Communications newsletters, we asked editors…

Early Career
How to write a review

In our last edition, we asked editors from the Earth System Governance network about what to…

Latest Updates 

New YouTube Series: No Fear in Early Career

In this series, members of the early career committee will go into conversation with with senior scholars, delving into their personal experiences as early career researchers. You’ll hear about the challenges they faced, the opportunities they seized, and the lessons they learned along the way. They’ll be asking questions like ‘how was life for you in your early career’, or ‘what is the best advice you received?

To kick off this series, we have a great first episode lined up for you! Cebuan Bliss from the ESG Early Career Committee chats to Louis Kotze, a senior scholar from North-West University and a valued member and co-chair of the ESG Scientific Steering Committee. Louis will be sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience, offering a unique perspective on making your way from your PhD to a longer, meaningful career in ESG research.

Tune in to this ESG YouTube channel playlist @ Earth System Governance TV to catch the first episode and follow along as we explore the insights of senior scholars in the ESG network.

About the early career network

As an early career researcher in earth system governance there are many opportunities to develop your research, skills and professional network. At the same time, the world of academia can sometimes seem daunting. How can you make the most out of academic conferences, publishing your first (or second, third, fourth..) journal article, starting to teach and supervise students, writing reviews, defending your PhD, acquiring funding, and balancing all these activities whilst looking after your mental and physical health?

Welcome to the Earth System Governance project’s early career network (ECR)! You are in the right place to get some help to answer these questions and more! We like to support each other as early career researchers. Therefore, we aim to collect and share resources and experiences including advice from mid-career and senior scholars, as well experiences from early-career colleagues. The ECR network is a space for expression and collaboration. Do you have an idea or blog post you want to share? Then please get in touch with the committee via the International Project:

The two major activities that early career scholars can avail of each year are the Mentoring Initiative and the Early Career Dialogues (or summer/winter school, as it falls).

Meet our Early Career Committee

Early Career CommitteeResearch Fellows
Early Career CommitteeResearch Fellows
Early Career CommitteeResearch Fellows
October 21, 2022: Earth System Governance Project 2022 conference in Toronto. Photo by Dave Chan.