As an early career researcher in earth system governance there are many opportunities to develop your research, skills and professional network. At the same time, the world of academia can sometimes seem daunting. Making the most out of academic conferences, publishing your first (or second, third, fourth..) journal article, starting to teach, writing reviews, defending your PhD, acquiring funding, and balancing all these different activities without neglecting your mental and physical health. Within the Earth System Governance project we like to support each other as early career researchers. Therefore we have set up the early career communications. We aim to collect and share resources and experiences including advice from mid-career and senior scholars, experiences from early-career colleagues, online resources relevant to our field, and more. The early career communications will be send out approximately 4 times per year. If you would like to receive it please sign up here.

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On this page we will collect resources for early career Research Fellows of the Earth System Governance Project that have previously been posted in the early career communications.


Podcasts: advice from mid-career and senior scholars

  • Podcast with Kim Nicholas: “Ten things I wish I had known ten years ago”
    In this podcast, research fellow Ina Möller interviews Kim Nicholas, senior lecturer at LUCSUS, Lund University. Kim Nicholas shares her advice for early career researchers on time management, dealing with failure, coping with the imposter syndrome, worrying about the future, taking care of your health, and the importance of maintaining relationships with friends and family. Have a listen! For a summary and a list of useful material, check out Kim’s blog.


“How to…”

  • How to… respond to reviewers’ comments?
    In the life of every researcher comes a moment when their first (second, third, …) paper is, after many many hours of work, ready to be submitted to a journal. Then follows the long wait for a response with, hopefully, the reply that you may ‘Revise and Resubmit’. In this brief Jennifer Bansard and Carole-Anne Sénit walk you through the “R&R process” and provide useful tips on how to respond to reviewers’ comments.
  • How to… prepare for your PhD defense
    Are you you about to defend your PhD thesis? Are you just starting your PhD thesis? Or is that exciting moment already (far) behind you? Either way, check out this fun read with excellent tips by recent PhD graduate Dr. Carole-Anne Sénit on how to prepare for your PhD defense.
  • How to… write a good academic article?
    Prof. Steve Sorrell (University of Sussex), Prof. Benjamin Sovacool (University of Sussex), and Assoc. Prof. Jonn Axsen (Simon Fraser University) published an open access review article which offers suggestions for promoting novelty, rigor, and style.
  • How to..get published?
    Building on the academic writing tips in our last edition, we asked editors from the Earth System Governance network about things to keep in mind when preparing an article for submission to an academic journal. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your submission.


“Where to…”

  • Where to… find useful information?
    You wonder how your fellow academics learned the rules of the game and how everyone is seemingly always aware of obscure conference calls and the latest job openings? Wonder no more, this brief is here to help!



  • Report of the Earth System Governance Research Trip 2018 (28 May – 2 June 2018)
    During this second edition of the ESG research trip, a group of research fellows visited Earth System Governance research groups in Geneva, Utrecht, Wageningen and Amsterdam. Read their report here.
  • Report of the early career event at the 2017 Lund Conference
    Prior to the Lund Conference on Earth System Governance, early career researchers in the network came together for a full day of exchanges on developing a career in earth system governance research. Jennifer Bansard wrote up a report, including a summary of the discussions and pictures of the event. Have a look! 


Early Career Communications

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