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2011 Autumn Workshop in Minsk – Actual Environmental Problems

Event start: 20111109
End date: 20111111

Event description

Location Campus of the Belarusian Olympic team (Stayki near Minsk, Belarus)
Organisers OSI ReSET Project – Governance of Global Environmental Change, and the International Sakharov Environmental University (Minsk, Belarus), with endorsement by the Earth System Governance Project.
Faculty Felix Stolberg, Matthijs Hisschemöller, Ruben Mnatsakanian, Katarina Pavlickova, Józef Mosiej

The seminar focused on presenting work undertaken by the participants individually and in their respective working groups on the development of courses and curricula since the Summer School in Pskov, complemented by lectures with focus on energy and environmental policy.

This autumn training and networking event was designed to cover some of the seven thematic lines identified on the Pskov Summer School and further motivate the young teachers to work on joint courses. The training event gathered 11 young teachers. It focused on taking stock of the progress the participants had achieved up since the Pskov Summer School, while also identifying what additional support they required. In addition, it provided an opportunity to do planning for the next few months, and also was a venue for introducing ReSET participants and Resource Faculty who had been absent in Pskov, which helped introduce the expertise of the new faculty. Theme group leaders also presented the joint work accomplished up to that point. 

More information about the “Governance of Global Environmental Change” programme is available here.

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