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Webinar: Building a Sustainable Indo Pacific

Event start:
16 June 2023
From 13.00 CEST

Event description

On June 16th, a webinar on “Building a Sustainable Indo-Pacific” will be co-organized by the Indo-Pacific Circle (IPC) and the Earth System Governance project.

This webinar aims to facilitate discussions on this theme, which also serves as the central focus of the upcoming issue of the Indo-Pacific Review.

Four experts, including two members of the ESG Asia-Pacific Working Group, will share their insights on various approaches to climate governance in the region. This will be followed by an open discussion and Q&A with the online participants. The discussion will be moderated by Ms. Rushali Saha.


Dr. Dhanasree Jayaram is a Research Fellow at Centre Marc Bloch (CMB) and Guest Researcher at Freie Universität Berlin – under the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s International Climate Protection Fellowship (for postdocs) 2022-23. She is an Assistant Professor, Department of Geopolitics and International Relations, and Co-coordinator, Centre for Climate Studies, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Karnataka, India. She is also a Research Fellow, Earth System Governance and member of its Scientific Steering Committee; Member, Climate Security Expert Network; Member, Planet Politics Institute and Member, Indo-Pacific Circle.

Elizabeth Morison is a Researcher in the Democracy and Accountability Program of the Australia Institute. Her interests in climate integrity and social licence are informed by her multidisciplinary background in research, journalism, and community organising. During her time as an Anne Kantor Young Woman Environmentalist Fellow, she contributed to the Democracy and Accountability Program in a number of capacities including research, data analysis and communications.

Dr Annisa Triyanti is a Postdoctoral researcher working on the topic of water and climate governance in deltas. Part of her work is hosted at the Water, Climate, Future Deltas Hub, Pathways to Sustainability Research Theme and also at the Environmental Geography, Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development.

She obtained her PhD from Governance and Inclusive Development Programme Group, AISSR, the University of Amsterdam in May 2019. Her PhD thesis entitled: “Governing ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction: Mangroves in Indonesia and India”. Using the concept of Interactive governance and Governability Assessment Framework, she identified the factors of successful ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction programme and established pathways for improving its governability.

Within Earth System Governance, Annisa is a co-convener of the Asia-Pacific Working Group.

Dr Nguyen Hong Quan is currently an associate professor at the Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh city (VNU-HCM). He is leading a newly established Institute for Circular Economy Development (ICED), Institute for Environment and Resources (IER), VNU-HCM. He has a special interest in solving environmental related issues based on inter/trans-disciplinary study and by a strong partnership among academia-industry-government. He has been working in environmental hydrology (e.g. saline intrusion, flood/drought, water pollution) in Southern Vietnam over the past 15 years and expanded his expertise in other disciplines e.g. climate change adaptation/mitigation, circular economy, socio-ecological system, sustainability science.

About the Indo-Pacific Circle

The Indo-Pacific Circle is a curated network of early and mid-career scholars from the Indo-Pacific engaged in shaping the emergent narratives of the region. The Indo-Pacific Circle has three main objectives: network and build community, co-create and define the Indo-Pacific and amplify voices from the region around the globe.

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