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Memorandum of Understanding with the Global Water System Project

The Global Water System Project and the Earth System Governance Project have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen research on water governance. This memorandum of understanding is the expression of the common will of enhanced cooperation between both projects. It is expected to bring the respective research communities closer to each other.

The memorandum of understanding includes the commitment to mutual endorsement of water governance research, joint communication activities about such research, as well as pro-active initiation of joint activities involving scientists from both research communities. Each project will continue pursuing its respective approved science agenda and framework while aiming at an added value to both research challenges.

The Global Water System Project aims to address the central research questions: how are humans changing the global water cycle, the associated biogeochemical cycles, and the ecosystem function of the global water system and what are the socioeconomic and environmental feedbacks arising from these changes?

The Earth System Governance Project carries out research on the interrelated and increasingly integrated systems of formal and informal rules, rule-making systems and actor networks at all levels of human society set up to steer societies towards preventing, mitigating and adapting to global and local environmental change. The project is designed as the central nodal point within the global change research programmes to guide, organize and evaluate various research activities on governance.

For more information:

Janos Bogardi
Executive Officer
Global Water System Project

Ruben Zondervan
Executive Director
Earth System Governance Project
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