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Vacancy: PhD in Environmental Policy, Regulation & Governance, Yale University

Seeking Applicants for PhD in Environmental Policy, Regulation & Governance

Applications are now being accepted for a PhD specializing in Environmental Policy, Regulation & Governance at Yale University’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Applicants should have social science training in political science or a related discipline, with a strong grounding in theoretical and conceptual aspects of public policy & governance.

Applicants should have a keen interest in understanding the role of economic globalization and transnational actors in shaping, at multiple levels, environmental standards and behavior. We are particularly interested in candidates who seek to research the role of international environmental institutions, non-state global governance, market mechanisms, and transnational business regulation in shaping domestic environmental practices and policies.  Substantive interests must be focused on some type of environmental challenge, such as climate change, land use, and/or forest practices and protection policies. Those with relevant interdisciplinary backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Please send, by Nov. 30th, statements of interest and CV, to Professor Ben Cashore, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies: Following this review process 1-3 applicants will be asked to submit a complete application to the school wide doctoral admissions committee.

Students admitted to our doctoral program will become part of a vibrant community of problem focused, interdisciplinary scholars. They will also be able to engage with university partners including political science law, business, sociology and anthropology departments, as well as Yale’s Macmillan Center for International and Area Studies and the Institution for Social and Policy Studies.

For broader information about Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies’ doctoral program see The application process is highly competitive. The costs for the PhD degree, including stipend and tuition, are fully funded. Significant opportunities exist for internal and external research funding.

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