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Dr. Beling holds the Canada Research Chair in Transition to Sustainability at The King’s University in Edmonton, Alberta, where he is also an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies. With an academic background in Economics, Business Administration, and Social Sciences from various universities in Argentina, Germany, and India, Dr. Beling’s research explores the conditions for successful sustainability transitions. He has published extensively on the Latin-American Buen vivir experiment and currently focuses on the role of religion and church as agents of sustainability governance, as well as the intersection of politics and culture in sustainability governance theory.

Dr. Beling is also Academic Director of the Global Studies Programme at FLACSO Argentina, Associate Editor of the Ecological Economics section of the journal Frontiers in Environmental Economics, a Research Fellow with the Earth System Governance Project and a member of the Great Transition Initiative.

Furthermore, Dr. Beling has a record in academic entrepreneurship: co-founder and former board member of the academic journal Alternautas (, co-founder and board member of Ecocene Foundation (, co-creator of the EcoSocial Atlas (, and creator of the Higher Diploma in Integral Ecology, which is jointly awarded by 42 member-universities of the University Network for the Care of the Common Home (RUC), and has trained over 250 international students across the American continent.

alternative economic systemsBuen vivir/good livingpost-growthreligion and ecologysocial change

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