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Andrea K. Gerlak is an associate research professor at the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy at the University of Arizona, and associate professor in the School of Geography and Development. Her research focuses on institutions for governing water resources. She examines cooperation and conflict around water, including questions of institutional change and adaptation to climate change in rivers basins, and human rights and equity issues in water governance.

Recent publications

  • Gerlak, Andrea K., Jaron Weston, Ben McMahan, Rachel L. Murray, and Megan Mills-Novoa. 2018. Climate risk management and the electricity sector. Climate Risk Management (forthcoming).
  • Gerlak, Andrea K., Zack Guido, Catherine Vaughan, Val Rountree, Christina Greene, Diana Liverman, Adrian R. Trotman, Roché Mahon, Shelly-Ann Cox, Simon J. Mason, Katharine L. Jacobs, James L. Buizer, Cedric J. Van Meerbeeck, and Walter E. Baethgen. 2018. Building a framework for process-oriented evaluation of Regional Climate Outlook Forums. Weather, Climate, and Society (forthcoming).
  • Gerlak, Andrea K., Lily House-Peters, Robert G. Varady, Tamee Albrecht, Adriana Zúñiga-Terán, Rafael Routson de Grenade, Christina Cook, and Christopher A. Scott. 2018. Water security: A review of place-based research. Environmental Science and Policy 82 (2018) 79–89.
  • Albrecht, Tamee R., Robert G. Varady, Adriana A. Zuniga-Teran, Andrea K. Gerlak, and Chad Staddon. 2017.  Governing a shared hidden resource: A review of governance mechanisms for transboundary groundwater security. Water Security 2: 43-56.
  • Gerlak, Andrea K., Tanya Heikkila, Sharon L. Smolinski, Dave Huitema, Derek Armitage. 2017. Learning our way out of environmental policy problems: a review of the scholarship. Policy Sciences (), 1-37.
  • Megdal, Sharon B., Andrea K. Gerlak, Ling-Yee Huang, Nathaniel Delano, Robert G. Varady, and Jacob D. Petersen-Perlman. 2017. Innovative Approaches to Collaborative Groundwater Governance in the United States: Case Studies from Three High-growth Regions in the Sun Belt. Environmental Management 5: 718-735.
  • Guido Zack, Val Rountree, Christina Greene, Andrea K. Gerlak, and Adrian Trotman. 2016. Connecting Climate Information Producers and Users: Boundary Organization, Knowledge Networks, and Information Brokers at Caribbean Climate Outlook Forums. Weather, Climate, and Society 8(3): 285-298.

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