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Ayşem Mert


My work focuses on critical approaches to the Anthropocene, discourses of democracy and environment at transnational and global levels, public-private cooperation in environmental governance. Currently, I am interested in psychoanalytic and interpretive methods, especially political discourse theory and critical fantasy studies. I collaborate with artists and stakeholders in transdisciplinary projects that draw on political theory and philosophy to better understand global governance institutions and contemporary perceptions of naturecultures. My most recent research project is on post-pandemic environmental governance (, which investigates the changing practices, narratives, and future imaginaries of environmental governance.

I take part in the ESG project through editorial responsibilities in the ESG Working Papers, ESG Journal, INEA Journal, ESG book series with Cambridge University Press, and as co-convenor of the ESG and Democracy Working Group.

democracydiscoursefantasyfuturismPost-pandemic environmental governancepsychoanalytic approachesthe "Anthropocene"

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