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Dr Bin Wu is a Senior Research Fellow at Nottingham University Business School. With a multidisciplinary training background (Physics, Philosophy of Science and Technology, Human Geography), he has a range of research interests and expertise, including: rural entrepreneurship and farmer innovation, social capital and sustainable development from below, internal/international migration and integration, higher education and social justice; Chinese diasporas, global seafarers, interdisciplinary and systematic methodology, pathways of social impact. He has hosted and delivered many projects commissioned by EU, ILO, Italian and UK Government, associated with a more than 50 research reports, edited volumes and peer reviewed articles published in English. He has also serviced as guest editor for a number of special issues, including Journal of Contemporary China, Business and Society, and currently Journal of Rural Studies with theme: Paradigm shift for rural studies in the Global South. Bin is a founder and acting director of a Consortium of Future Rural Studies (CFRS) to promote research collaboration across boundaries for sustainable agricultural and rural development in the global south. Working with multiple stakeholders, furthermore, CFRS provides methodological training opportunities for early career researchers to develop challenge-oriented, interdisciplinary and stakeholder engaged methodology to understand intrinsic dynamics and innovation potential within rural communities to cope with global/local challenges facing the developing world.

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