David Gordon is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Politics at the University of California Santa Cruz. He is affiliated with the Institute for Social Transformation (UCSC), the Environmental Governance Lab at the University of Toronto, and the Earth System Governance Project. His research interests include the role of sub-national actors and especially cities in global governance, global environmental politics, transnational governance networks, and climate governance. His work has been published in Global Environmental Politics, Environmental Politics, Nature Climate Change, Environment and Planning C, WIREs Climate Change, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, and the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal.

His first book, Cities on the World Stage: The Politics of Global Urban Climate Governance (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2020) brings to light the politics and power dynamics of transnational city-networks engaged in global climate governance. Dr. Gordon is currently pursuing research on novel regimes of global urban accountability in the governance of climate change, the interface between local and global accountability commitments, and evaluating the transformative potential of city-led efforts.

Selected Publications:

  • Romero-Lankao, P., Bulkeley, H., Pelling, M., Burch, S., Gordon, D., Johnson, C., Kurian, P., Lecavalier, E., Simon, D., Tozer, L., Ziervogel, G., Munshi, D. 2018. Realizing the Urban Transformative Potential in a Changing Climate, Nature Climate Change 8: 754-761
  • Gordon, D. 2018. Global urban climate governance in three and a half parts: experimentation, coordination, integration, (and contestation), WIREs Climate Change 9(6)
  • Gordon, D., C. Johnson. 2018. City-networks, global climate governance, and the road to 1.5C, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 30: 35-41 Gordon, D. and C. Johnson. 2017. The Orchestration of Global Urban Climate Governance After Paris. Environmental Politics 26(4): 694-714
  • Gordon, D. April 2016. The Politics of Accountability in Networked Urban Climate Governance. Global Environmental Politics 16(2): 82-100
  • Gordon, D. May 2016. Lament for a Network? Cities and Networked Climate Governance in Canada. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 34(3): 529-545
  • Gordon, D. 2015. An Uneasy Equilibrium: The Coordination of Climate Governance in Federated Systems. Global Environmental Politics 15(2): 121-141
  • Gordon, D. 2013. Between Local Innovation and Global Impact: Cities, Networks and the Governance of Climate Change. Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, 19(3): 288-307 (Selected as the best article published in CFPJ for 2013)