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Dr. Frederik Dahlmann


Fred Dahlmann is Associate Professor of Strategy & Sustainability at Warwick Business School, UK. His (often interdisciplinary) research focuses on understanding how companies respond to global sustainability challenges in their business strategies, management practices and corporate governance systems.

A specific stream of research examines the factors that shape how companies address climate change and reduce corporate carbon emissions. Fred is also interested in the emerging phenomenon of the purpose ecosystem and its role within wider earth system governance and sustainability transformations. Finally, his research is concerned with the ethical implications of the Anthropocene for business and managers.

Fred is an Associate Editor for the journal Business & Society and sits on the editorial review board of Organization & Environment. Fred is also a Senior Research Fellow of the Earth System Governance network, and member of the ESG Taskforces on the Sustainable Development Goals (WG Private Governance and Partnerships for the SDGs) as well as Governance of Nature and Biodiversity. He contributes to discussions with business and industry through various media and outreach engagements.

Fred holds a BSc Construction Engineering Management (Loughborough University), MSc Management (University of Bath), and PhD Management (University of Bath). Prior to joining WBS, he also gained professional experience in the construction sector and working as an energy analyst in London.

climate changeethicsgovernancemanagementPrivate sectorstrategysustainabilityUN SDGs

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