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Ellycia is an interdisciplinary scholar whose research interests are broadly centred on the nexus of global environmental governance, international environmental law and the sociology of scientific knowledge. Her research explores architectures of governance, including treaty regimes and international organisations, and their interactions, along with the roles that scientific knowledge and problem framing play in governance. Ellycia’s research is focused on the governance of the ocean and climate and their interaction. Ellycia has a particular interest in the governance of ocean acidification, upon which she wrote her PhD (University of Melbourne, 2020).
Ellycia is currently a Post-Doctoral Researcher in Climate Law and Policy at the Law School, University of Eastern Finland, where her research focuses on the role that transparency plays within the Climate Regime. Ellycia is also a Research Fellow of the Melbourne Climate Futures at the University of Melbourne working to develop an ocean-climate research network. She also works as a consultant with both Blue Praxis and Rationale Advisors. She frequently consults for international organisations and NGOs, such as the GCF, Oceana, the Henrich Boll Foundation, and Fossil-Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative. In the past, Ellycia was a Visiting Researcher at Utrecht University and a Visiting Academic at the Climate and Energy College at the University of Melbourne. Ellycia also previously worked as a Marine Scientist for Oceana in Washington DC. In this role, Ellycia sat at the science-policy interface, advocating on Capitol Hill, at multilateral negotiations and at the state government level for stronger policies to protect the ocean from climate change.
Ellycia has over 30 publications (articles, book chapters and reports), which can be found in top ranked journals, including Climate Policy, Conservation Biology, RECIEL, Environmental Science & Policy, and Marine Policy. Her most recent publications focus on ocean acidification, transparency, deep-sea mining, and geoengineering.
Ellycia is a Research Fellow of the Earth System Governance Project, where she is a member of the Task Force on Earth System Law and the Working Group on Carbon Dioxide Removal. She is also a Scholar of the Climate Social Science Network and a member of the Oceans and International Environmental Law Interest Group of ANZSIL. Ellycia sits on the Editorial Board of the journal Marine Policy.

climate changeGlobal enviornmental governanceoceanocean acidificationUNCLOSUNFCCC

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