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Ellycia is a postdoctoral researcher on the TRANSCLIM Project at the Center for Climate Change Energy and Environmental Law at the UEF Law School. Her research interests are broadly centered on the nexus of international law, science, and sociology in addressing environmental problems. She has a particular interest in international ocean governance.

Ellycia has been working in the ocean/climate space since 2006. She worked for Oceana, as a Marine Scientist from 2006-2011 and since then has continued to consult on various projects, including for the Green Climate Fund and the Heinrich Böll Foundation. Ellycia is an advisor for Rationale Advisers.

Ellycia holds a PhD in the global governance of ocean acidification from the University of Melbourne. She also holds a Masters of Environment from the University of Melbourne and bachelor’s degrees in Science and Arts from Monash University. She has also spent time studying at the University of California, Berkeley and Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Recent Publications

  • Harrould-Kolieb, E.R. (forthcoming) Implications of the Paris Agreement for Ocean Acidification. In D.L. VanderZwaag, N. Oral and T. Stephens (Eds), Research Handbook on Ocean Acidification, Edward Elgar
  • Harrould-Kolieb, E.R. & Stephens, T. (forthcoming) Australian law and policy responses to ocean acidification. In D.L. VanderZwaag, N. Oral and T.Stephens (Eds), Research Handbook on Ocean Acidification, Edward Elgar
  • Harrould-Kolieb, E.R. & Stephens, T. (forthcoming) Ocean Acidification. In R. Rayfuse, A. Jaeckel, N. Klein & B. Milligan (eds), Research Handbook on International Marine Environmental Law (2nd Edition), Edward Elgar
  • Harrould-Kolieb, E.R. (2020) Enhancing Synergies Between Action on Ocean Acidification and the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework. Conservation Biology
  • Leonard, S., Harrould-Kolieb, E., Reyes, O., Torres, J. & Crespo, E. (2020) Scaling-up Ecosystem-based Debt-for-Climate Swaps: From the Millions to the Billions. Heinrich Böll Foundation, Center for Sustainable Finance (SOAS, University of London), and Global Development Policy Center (Boston University)
  • Dooley, K., Harrould-Kolieb, E.R. & Talberg, A. (2020) Carbon-dioxide removal and biodiversity: A threat identification framework. Global Policy
  • Harrould-Kolieb, E.R. (2020) The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea: A governing framework for ocean acidification? RECIEL: Review of European, Comparative & International Law, published online 17 February 2020
  • Harrould-Kolieb, E.R. (2020) Framing Ocean Acidification to Mobilise Action Under Multilateral Environmental Agreements. Environmental Science & Policy, 104:129-135
  • Harrould-Kolieb, E.R. (2019) (Re)Framing ocean acidification in the context of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Paris Agreement. Climate Policy,19(10):1225-1238
  • Harrould-Kolieb, E.R. & Hoegh-Guldberg, O. (2019) A governing framework for international ocean acidification policy. Marine Policy, 102

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