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Hens Runhaar (1971) is Associate Professor of Governance of Nature and Biodiversity at Utrecht University and Visiting Professor at Wageningen University and Research. His research focuses on interventions by governments, companies and NGOs to protect or enhance nature and biodiversity, with a special interest in agriculture. Much of Hens’ research is of a multi- and an interdisciplinary nature. With his research he aims to contribute to more effective conservation policies from governments, companies (including farmers) and NGOs. In 2021 he initiated the Earth System Governance Network Taskforce on the Governance of Nature and Biodiversity in collaboration with dr. Yves Zinngrebe. For more information see

Recent publications

  • Dorst, H., A. van der Jagt, H. Toxopeus, L. Tozer, R. Raven and H. Runhaar (2022), What’s behind the barriers? Uncovering structural conditions working against urban nature-based solutions, Landscape and Urban Planning (accepted for publication).
  • Vermunt, D.A., N. Wojtynia, M.P. Hekkert, J. van Dijk, R. Verburg, P.A. Verweij, M. Wassen and H. Runhaar (2022), Five mechanisms blocking the transition towards ‘nature-inclusive’ agriculture: a systemic analysis of Dutch dairy farming, Agricultural Systems, 195, 103280.
  • Runhaar, H. (2021), Four critical conditions for agroecological transitions in Europe, International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, 19 (3-4), pp. 227-233.
  • Oosten, C. van, H. Runhaar and B. Arts (2021), Capable to govern landscape restoration? Exploring landscape governance capabilities, based on literature and stakeholder perceptions, Land Use Policy, 104, 104020.
  • Runhaar, H., L. Fünfschilling, A. van den Pol-van Dasselaar, E.H.M. Moors, R. Temmink and M. Hekkert (2020), Endogenous regime change: lessons from transition pathways in Dutch dairy farming, Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 36C, pp. 137-150.
  • Hegger, D., H. Runhaar, F. van Laerhoven and P. Driessen (2020), Towards explanations for stability and change in modes of environmental governance: a systematic approach with illustrations from the Netherlands, Earth System Governance, 3, 100048.
  • Ingold, K., P.P.J. Driessen, H.A.C. Runhaar and A. Widmer (2019), On the necessity of connectivity: linking key characteristics of environmental problems with governance modes, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 62 (11), pp. 1821-1844.
  • Lee, R., R. den Uyl and H. Runhaar (2019), Assessment of policy instruments for pesticide use reduction in Europe; learning from a systematic literature review, Crop Protection, 26 (12), 104929.
  • Runhaar, H., P. Runhaar, M. Bouwmans, S. Vink, A. Buijs and D. Kleijn (2019), The power of argument. Enhancing citizen’s valuation of and attitude towards agricultural biodiversity, International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, 17 (3), pp. 231-242.

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