Hens Runhaar (1971) is a Special Professor of Management of Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes at the Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group, Wageningen University and Research Centre, and Associate Professor of Environmental governance at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University. His research covers a wide range of subjects, such as the use of (scientific) knowledge in decision-making, the framing of policy problems and the consequences of these framings, environmental controversies, and the integration of environmental objectives in non-environmental policy domains and practices. Empirically his work covers urban planning, transport, climate adaptation, environmental health risk governance, agriculture and biodiversity. He also is coordinator of the Working Group on Environmental Policy Integration under the umbrella of the Earth System Governance Taskforce on Conceptual Foundations (in cooperation with Prof. Driessen and Prof. Wamsler). See www.earthsystemgovernance.net/conceptual-foundations/?page_id=144

Recent publications (see www.uu.nl/staff/HACRunhaar for a full list):

  • Runhaar, H., H.J. van der Windt and J.P.M. van Tatenhove (2016), Conclusions from the Environmental Science & Policy special issue on Organising productive science-policy interactions for sustainable coastal management. Lessons from the Wadden Sea, Environmental Science and Policy (forthcoming).
  • Runhaar, H, C. Uittenbroek, M. van Rijswick, H. Mees, P. Driessen, H. K. Gilissen (2015), Prepared for climate change? A method for the ex-ante assessment of formal responsibilities for climate adaptation in specific sectors, Regional Environmental Change (published online).
  • Runhaar, H., M. Runhaar and H. Vink (2015), Badger reports in Dutch newspapers 1900-2013: same animals, different framings? Mammal Review, 45 (3), pp. 133-145.
  • Dewulf, A., S. Meijerink and H. Runhaar (2015), Editorial for the special issue on The governance of adaptation to climate change as a multi-level, multi-sector and multi-actor challenge: a European comparative perspective, Journal of Water and Climate Change, 6 (1), pp. 1-8.
  • Mees, H., J. Dijk, D. van Soest, P. Driessen, M. van Rijswick and H. Runhaar (2014), A method for the deliberate and deliberative selection of policy instrument mixes for climate change adaptation, Ecology and Society, 19 (2), 58. Q1
  • Roodenrijs, J.C.M., M.M. Kraaij, J.H.T.C. van den Kerkhof and H.A.C. Runhaar (2014), Risk governance for infectious diseases – exploring the feasibility and added value of the IRGC-framework for Dutch infectious disease control, Journal of Risk Research, 17 (9), pp. 1161-1182. Q1
  • Runhaar, H., P. Driessen and C. Uittenbroek (2014), Towards a systematic framework for the analysis of Environmental Policy Integration, Environmental Policy and Governance 24 (4), pp. 233-246.