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Hyeyoon Park is a postdoctoral fellow in Political Science at Lund University (Sweden). Her research interests pertain to global environmental governance and policies, with specific attention to norm dynamics induced by international power politics and global inequalities.

Her PhD dissertation research at Colorado State University (the U.S.) focused on the rise of China and its impact on transparency norm development in global extractives governance for sustainable mining in oil, gas, metals, and mineral sectors (Michele Betsill, advisor). Extended from this research, she explores how global environmental norms are developed through great power politics and institutional complexes and how those global norms affect nature and marginalized communities on the ground, particularly in the Global South. In so doing, she aims to contribute to debates on the legitimacy and accountability of global governance.

At Lund University, as part of a Swedish Research Council’s interdisciplinary project, she investigates multilevel governance on green finance and investments in decarbonizing energy-intensive industries and policymakers’ role in climate transition towards a low-carbon society.

She is the author of “China in Transnational Extractives Governance: A Mapping Exercise,” Global Environmental Politics (2023) and “Global Norm-Maker as China’s New Brand? An Analysis of the Responsible Cobalt Initiative,” Chinese Journal of International Politics (2023).

global environmental governanceGreen financeMineral extractionNorms

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