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Ilkhom Soliev is an institutional economist and interdisciplinary social-environmental researcher with focus on governance of common pool resources. He is the director of Social Learning and Environmental Governance Lab at the Center for Interdisciplinary Regional Studies (ZIRS) of Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. He studies behavioral and institutional change for equitable and sustainable environmental governance. He examines societal transformations and path dependence across natural resource domains of water, land, forests, biodiversity, and climate, as well as in various cultural and political contexts. Currently he is leading the Horizon Europe Project PLANET4B. His most recent interests include experiential learning, survey experiments, power of discourse and social movements in the context of environmental governance, as well as transdisciplinary approaches to values and rights of nature. He is a member of the Taskforce on the Governance of Nature and Biodiversity at the Earth System Governance (ESG) Alliance, Regional Co-coordinator at the International Association for the Study of the Commons Chapter (IASC) for Europe and CIS, and a founding member at the Interdisciplinary Network for the Study of the Rights of Nature (INSRoN).

A selection of recent publications in peer-reviewed journals:

• Falk, T., Zhang, W., Meinzen-Dick, R., Bartles, L., Sanil, R., Priyadarshini, P., Soliev, I. (2023). Games for experiential learning: Triggering collective changes in commons management. Ecology and Society 28(1): 30, doi/URL:
• Soliev, I., Janssen, M.A., Theesfeld, I., Pritchard, C., Pirscher, F., Lee, A. (2021). Channeling environmentalism into climate policy: An experimental study of Fridays for Future participants from Germany. Environmental Research Letters 16: 114035,
• Soliev, I., Theesfeld, I., Abert, E., Schramm, W. (2021). Benefit sharing and conflict transformation: Insights for and from REDD+ forest governance in sub-Saharan Africa. Forest Policy and Economics 133: 102623,
• Adefila, A., Arrobbio, O., Brown, G., Robinson, Z., Spolander, G., Soliev, I., Willers, B., Morini, L., Padovan, D., Wimpenny, K. (2021). Ecologized collaborative online international learning: Tackling wicked sustainability problems through education for sustainable development. Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability 23(1): 41-57,
• Niyazmetov, D., Soliev, I., Theesfeld, I. (2021). Ordered to volunteer? Institutional compatibility assessment of establishing agricultural cooperatives in Uzbekistan. Land Use Policy 108: 105538,

behavioral and institutional changehuman and naturesocietal transformations

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