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  • CEO BlindSpot Think Tank and Climate Rescue Centre: Special interest in global problem-solving informed by what is being missed.
  • Designer of ‘blindspotting’ method to map & expand the imaginative space for solutions.
  • Designer of NATO-published ‘global security’ concept to manage all facets of security.
  • Designer of ‘Planet Levers’ non-reductionist method to tackle indivisible challenges.
  • Designer of realistic systemic change policies to reverse interlocked global problems.
  • Designer of ‘circular economics’ to make markets implement circular economy.
  • Designer of ‘Gross Peaceful Product’ metric to incentivise minimal weapons spending.
  • Designer of biochar cookstoves, that produce rather than burn charcoal. Thought leadership, research, speaking and consulting.

BlindSpot projects:

  • Planet Levers Lab; High leverage policy options for global systemic change.
  • Climate Rescue Centre; Policy and practice to reverse climate chaos.
  • Circular Economy 4 Real; The economics to make circular economy actually happen.
  • BlindSpotting; Expanding the imaginative space for solving intractable problems.

Selected references:


  • Reinventing Global Security. TEDx;
  • Let’s unshrink thinking and reverse reverse-progress.


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