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Jeremy Bendik-Keymer


JEREMY BENDIK-KEYMER works as Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy of Case Western Reserve University and as Senior Research Fellow for the Earth System Governance Project, Universiteit Utrecht. A graduate of public schools in New Hartford, New York (on Haudenosaunee land), Yale College and of the University of Chicago, his previous monographs include The Ecological Life: Discovering Citizenship and a Sense of Humanity; Solar Calendar, and Other Ways of Marking Time; The Wind ~ An Unruly Living; and Involving Anthroponomy in the Anthropocene: On Decoloniality. He is currently thinking about a book on planetary justice.

“Scholarship has to exemplify a love for each other, not just a love for an idea.” Linda Tuhiwai Smith, June 30th, 2020, Massey University

Anthropocene studiesCapability Approachdecolonizationgood relationshipsinterpersonal & moral relationsmass extinctionmulti-species justiceplanetary justicepolitical imaginationwonder

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