Joshua Philipp Elsässer is a doctoral researcher and currently works at the Chair of International Politics. He holds a master’s degree in Political Science and English Philology at the University of Potsdam. Starting from October 2018, he will work on his PhD project that aims at analysing the genesis, structure, and effectiveness of the cooperation between various intergovernmental treaty secretariats in global environmental governance. The PhD project is funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation.

Joshua has previously been involved with and conducted research for the DFG-funded research project “Carbon Governance Arrangements and the Nation-State”. In his master’s thesis, he analysed the institutional interplay and its resulting inter-relationship between the UN Rio Conventions (UNFCCC, CBD, and UNCCD).

His main research interests include Global Environmental Governance; Complexity in International Relations; International Institutions, Organizations, and Bureaucracies.

Related Publications

Elsässer, Joshua Philipp; Hickmann, Thomas; Stehle, Fee (2018). The Role of Cities in South Africa‘s Energy Gridlock. Case Studies in the Environment 2: 1-7.

Elsässer, Joshua Philipp (2017). Institutional Interplay in Global Environmental Governance. An Analysis and Assessment of the Rio Conventions’ Interplay Activities. Universität Potsdam.