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Dr Kevin Grecksch


Kevin is a social scientist who specialises in normative and analytical aspects of governance, especially with regard to water and climate change adaptation. His research interests include (multilevel) environmental governance, water governance, climate change adaptation, governance of societal transformation processes, property rights and the governance of natural resources, sustainability and ecological economics. Kevin has a particular interest why and how power relationships, institutions and knowledge shape the governance of water and climate change.

Kevin is passionate about public engagement with research and his research impact. He has organised two successful drought walks in Birmingham and London, walking and discussing issues of drought and water scarcity with stakeholders at places where drought happened. A subsequent poster about the two walks won the Best Poster Award at the 2019 European Society for Ecological Economics conference. Moreover, he has contributed insightful blog articles for the University of Oxford’s Science blog and his research on drought and water scarcity is now a lesson plan for Year 10 GCSE Geography students. He has also contributed ideas to a primary school story book about a drought super hero.

climate change adaptationclimate change narrativesdroughtproperty rightswater governanncewater scarcity

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