Lucas Somavilla Croxatto applies a variety of lenses to scientific advice, sustainability and innovation policy. His PhD looks at the emergent properties of complex institutional systems and the governance of global networks for future knowledge integration, climate adaptation and resilient transformation.

Lucas research has taken place in a wide array of settings, from the United Nations Economic and Social Commissions in Latin America and Asia Pacific (ECLAC and ESCAP), to research on technology adoption by indigenous communities in the Atacama Desert (Chile) and ethnographic research on conservation programmes in the Amazon (Ecuador). He has been part of the project Deltas’ Dealings with Uncertainty (ORA/ESRC) contributing to the analysis and understanding of global networks mobilising climate and hydrological expertise, finance, anticipatory practices, technologies and environmental policies from Europe to South East Asian deltas (UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Thailand & Myanmar).

His work has been primarily focused on applying anthropological lenses and using multi-sited ethnography, social network analysis and policy analysis with specific attention to the governance of knowledge, institutional processes, innovation systems and development-cooperation networks. His PhD research has turned into understanding how uncertainty affects science-policy processes and the role of different types of knowledge in shaping Sustainable Development at multiple scales of governance. He is part of a joint PhD programme between UCL’s Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy and the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP) and is a researcher at STEaPP. Lucas was granted a Scholarship from the Advance Human Capital Programme of the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT) of the government of Chile in partnership with UCL. 

Themes: Knowledge Governance & Integration, Global Networks, Sustainable Development Policy, Climate Change Adaptation,  Resilient Transformation, Anticipation & Uncertainty