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Dr. Muhammad Mumtaz is Assistant Professor and Coordinator for Graduate Program in Public Administration and Governance at Department of Management Sciences, The University of Haripur, Pakistan.

Dr. Mumtaz holds PhD degree in Public Administration and Government from Sao Paulo School of Management,  Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), Brazil. The FGV is the best institute in South America and it is ranked one of the top 7 Think Tanks in the world. He remained Visiting Fellow at University of Delaware, USA.

He has multidisciplinary academic background. His M.Phil degree is in Government and Public Policy from National Defence University Islamabad while his Master is in Public Administration from University of Peshawar, Pakistan. He holds undergraduate degree in Statistics and Mathematics.

His area of research is climate governance at regional, national, and subnational level. He explores climate adaptation governance at subnational level in developing countries. His PhD research study investigated climate adaptation governance for agriculture sector at subnational level in Pakistan. Dr. Mumtaz has been written academic papers in his research areas and participated in various renowned conferences internationally. He regularly travels for his academic and research activities and has visited over 30 different countries. He has secured funding from various international organizations.

Moreover, Dr. Mumtaz is a freelance writer and writes for many newspapers and magazines in Pakistan and elsewhere. He regularly writes on diverse issues including climate change. Adding further to his diverse background and research interests, he is a social activist and has keen interest in sustainable development, urban management, and green economy.

Selected publications

  1. Muhammad Mumtaz and Saleem H. Ali, “Adaptive Governance and Sub-national Climate Change Policy: A Comparative Analysis of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab Provinces in Pakistan.” Complexity, Governance & Networks., 2019, 5(1), 81-100.
  2. Muhammad Mumtaz,“The National Climate Change Policy of Pakistan: An Evaluation of its Impact on Institutional Change.” Earth System and Environment-Springer. DOI;, 2018, 2(3), 525-535.
  3. Muhammad Mumtaz, Jose A. Puppim, Saleem H. Ali, “Climate change impacts and adaptation in agricultural sector: The case of local responses in Punjab, Pakistan.” In book “Climate Change and Agriculture”. Published Book Chapter, 2019.
  4. Muhammad Mumtaz, Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira, “Impacts of water crises on agriculture sector and governance challenges in Pakistan”. Published Book Chapter, Cuvillier Verlag, Germany, 2019, 270-281.
  5. Muhammad Mumtaz, Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira, Ishfaq Ahmed, “Microplastics challenges and international governance mechanisms”. Published Book Chapter, Cuvillier Verlag, Germany, 2019, 102-114.
  6. Muhammad Mumtaz, Amal ROUA, “Climate adaptation governance for agriculture sector: Evidences from Pakistan”. Published Book Chapter, Cuvillier Verlag, Germany, 2019, 23-33.



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