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Dr Pedro Fidelman is an Australia-based scholar with a particular interest in policy, institutions and management in the context of environmental governance. His research focuses on the role of institutions (e.g., regulations, norms, and decision-making processes) in addressing contemporary environmental and sustainability issues (e.g., over-exploitation of natural resources, decline in ecosystem conditions and climate change). It also focuses on the process of policy making and associated social and political actors and contextual factors.

Pedro is Cluster Leader (Climate Change) for the ESG Taskforce on Ocean Governance and a Lead Author (Oceans and Coastal Policy) for the United Nations Environment Program Global Environment Outlook 6.

Selected publications

  • FIDELMAN, P., McGRATH, C., NEWLANDS, M., DOBBS, K., JAGO. B., HUSSEY, K. 2019. Regulatory Implications of Coral Reef Restoration and Adaptation under a Changing Climate. Environmental Science and Policy; doi: 10.1016/j.envsci.2019.04.016
  • FIDELMAN, P. 2019. Climate Change in the Coral Triangle: Enabling Institutional Adaptive Capacity, pp. 274-289. In: P. Harris (ed.), Climate Change and Ocean Governance: Politics and Policy for Threatened Seas. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; doi: 10.1017/9781108502238.017
  • BAKER, E., FIDELMAN, P., GONÇALVES, L.R., HARRIS, P., HOLLWAY, J., KIM, R. E., RICE, J., ALKHATLAN, A., MANGALAGIU, D. 2019. Ocean and Coastal Policy, pp. 349-367. In: United Nations Environment Program, Global Environment Outlook 6. Cambridge University Press; doi: 10.1017/9781108627146
  • JACOB, K., KING, P., FIDELMAN, P., GONÇALVES, L.R., HOLLWAY, J., SEWERIN, S., CHENMIN, H. 2019. Policy Theory and Practice, pp. 283-297. In: United Nations Environment Program, Global Environment Outlook 6. Cambridge University Press; doi: 10.1017/9781108627146
  • GALLO-CAJIAO, E., MORRISON, T.H., FIDELMAN, P., KARK, S., FULLER, R.A. 2019. Global Environmental Governance for Conserving Migratory Shorebirds in the Asia-Pacific. Regional Environmental Change; 19(4): 1113-1129; doi: 10.1007/s10113-019-01461-3 FIDELMAN, P.; TUYEN, T. V.; NONG, K.; NURSEY-BRAY. 2017. The Institutions-Adaptive Capacity Nexus: Insights from Coastal Resources Co-Management in Cambodia and Vietnam. Environmental Science and Policy, 76:103-112; doi: 10.1016/j.envsci.2017.06.018
  • TREML, E.A.; FIDELMAN, P.; KININMONTH, S.; EKSTROM, J.; BODIN, O. 2015. Analyzing the (Mis)fit between Institutional and Ecological Networks of the Indo-West Pacific. Global Environmental Change, 31: 263-271; doi: 10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2015.01.012
  • FIDELMAN, P.; EVANS, L.; FOALE, S.; WEIBLE, C.; VON HELAND, F.; ELGIN, D. 2014. Coalition Cohesion for Regional Marine Governance: A Stakeholder Analysis of the Coral Triangle Initiative. Ocean and Coastal Management, 95: 117-128; doi: 10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2014.04.001
  • FIDELMAN, P.I.J.; LEITCH, A.M.; NELSON, D.R. 2013. Unpacking Multilevel Adaptation to Climate Change in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Global Environmental Change, 23(4): 800-812; doi: 10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2013.02.016
  • FIDELMAN, P.; EKSTROM, J. 2012. Mapping Seascapes of International Environmental Arrangements in the Coral Triangle. Marine Policy, 36(5): 993-1004; doi: 10.1016/j.marpol.2012.02.006



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