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Dr. Pritee Sharma is working as Associate Professor in the Discipline of Economics, at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India. She is a trained agricultural Economist and her current research interests are in the areas of: implications of climate variation for the rural and urban poor, food security, agricultural productivity, agricultural policy and trade concerns; and water resource economics. She also teaches environmental and resource economics and development economics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Her research experience is largely related to the analytical problem of allocation and access of earth system governance concerns. She applies her education and analytical skills to estimating and modeling efficiency, productivity, valuation and allocation of natural resources and ecosystem services in the areas of food systems : food security, agricultural productivity, rural poverty, and international trade. She has also worked on climate system: particularly stakeholder issues, resilience building, adaptive capacity aspects of climate change; and land and forest degradation from urban and rural poor’s perspectives. All her work has been till date pertaining to governance, efficiency and policy in Indian context.

Important Publications


  • Sharma, Vijay Paul, and Pritee Sharma (2002), “Trade Liberalization and Indian Dairy Industry”, New Delhi: Oxford & IBH Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Select Papers:

  • Sharma, Pritee, Karanth, A. and Burvey, M. (2016). Economic Loss from Floods and Waterlogging: A Case Study of Indore. IIED Working Paper Series No. 38, 2016 Available at :
  • Kumar, A., Sharma, P. and S. Joshi (2016) Estimating climate change impacts on agricultural productivity in India: A panel data analysis, Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, Vol.18 (1): 1-13.
  • Sofi, Irfan Ahmad and Sharma, Pritee. (2015). Does employment protection legislation matter in dualistic labour market? Panel evidences from Indian manufacturing sector. Labour Studies Journal, USA 40 (2): 1-19.Sage Publication.
  • Kumar, A., Sharma Pritee and Sunil Kumar A., (2015) Climate effects on sugarcane productivity in India: A stochastic production function application, International Journal of Economics and Business Research Vol 10 (2): 179-203.
  • Joshi, S. and Sharma Pritee (2014) “Browning the Green Agenda: Understanding Indian solar policy through local sustainability perspective”. Journal of Studies in Dynamics and Change (JSDC), 1 (2): 76-79.
  • Das, Keshab, and Pritee Sharma (2007), “Traditional Water Harvesting Systems in Rajasthan,” Journal of Rural Development, No. 1&2, 2007.
  • Trivedi, P.L. and Pritee Sharma (2006), “Multilateralism, Regionalism and Trade Dispute Settlement in WTO: Implications for Developing Countries with Special Reference to India”, Journal of Indian School of Political Economy, Vol. XVII, No. (1&2): 1-44.
  • Sharma, Vijay Paul, and Pritee Sharma (2001), “Implications of Agricultural Trade Liberalization for Indian Dairy Industry”, Agricultural Economics Research Review (Conference Issue): 183-198.
  • Sharma, Pritee and L. R. Sharma (2000), “Financial Feasibility of Polyhouse Cultivation of Carnation & Lilium in Solan District of H.P.”, Financing Agriculture, April-June 2000.
  • Sharma, Vijay Paul, and Pritee Sharma (1999), “Pesticide Use in Indian Agriculture: Some Issues & Constraints in its Growth”, Pestology, Vol. 33 (Special Volume), No. 2.
  • Sharma, L. R., and Pritee Sharma (1997), “Export Oriented Floriculture in India: Present Status, Prospects & Constraints”, Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics December issue: 637-638.

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