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Rolf Lidskog has a PhD in sociology and a PhD in ethics. He is professor of sociology at the multi-disciplinary Center for Urban and Regional Studies (CUReS), Örebro University. Lidskog’s research concerns environmental politics with a special focus on the role of expertise and expert knowledge.

A central issue of Lidskog’s research has been how actors perceive, assess and manage risks. When the outside world in many cases makes very high demands on safety, science and technology often cannot guarantee it in a satisfactory manner for all. To answer this question, he has studied a variety of environmental areas: climate change, air pollution, nuclear waste management, biodiversity regulation and urban transport. In this area, he recently co-authored the book Transboundary Risk Governance (2009) and co-edited the book Governing the Air (2011) which studies the relationship of science-policy-citizens in international environmental policy.

Currently, Lidskog is conducting research on the importance of science in international environmental negotiations, risk regulation on environment and health, and deliberations and decisions about society’s intervention in natural biological systems.

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