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My research follows two main tracks – investigating individual pro-environmental decisions and unfolding the policy intervention system that tackles climate change. I study individual decisions to reduce energy consumption and environmental impacts, as well as policy interventions at the individual level to foster behavioural changes. For my latter research interest in systemic policy-making, I focus on policy design in terms of policy instruments, policy mix intensity, and issuing authorities.

I work as a researcher at the Department of Management in the Built Environmental of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and meanwhile approaching the completion of my Ph.D. at the Institute for Environmental Studies of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (IVM, VU Amsterdam).

I am in the 2023-2024 job market, looking for challenging faculty opportunities located in China in the domain of environmental economics, energy economics, and public administration.

behavioural economicsclimate policyeconomic experimentsEnergy economicspro-environmental behaviour and decision-making

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