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Dr. Stefan Pedersen, PhD Political Theory (University of Leeds), MSc Political Science and BSc Social Science (both Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim), combines the analytical and critical theoretical traditions in his efforts to assess and formulate potentially viable theoretical solutions to pressing global problems.

He teaches political theory at the University of Leeds. Stefan is presently (2020) one of the leaders of ESG’s Taskforce on Planetary Justice. He arranged a panel on the ‘conceptual clarification of planetary justice’ for the conference in Oaxaca, Mexico 2019.

In addition to working on the theme ‘planetary justice, Stefan is currently working on issues relating to institutional cosmopolitanism and global governance. He studies the ideational basis for world orders, and ideologies which potentially could facilitate a democratically sanctioned future world government.

For a sample of his writing see:

Associated Crosscutting Themes Transformations Anthropocene Associated Analytical Problems Democracy & Power Architecture & Agency Justice & Allocation Anticipation & Imagination

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