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Zoe Nay is a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne. Her research is part of the Melbourne Climate Futures, a multidisciplinary climate initiative established by the University of Melbourne to contribute to greater action on climate change. Zoe’s primary research interests are international climate change law, human rights law, oceans governance, and socio-legal studies. In her doctoral research, Zoe examines regime interactions in climate change loss and damage governance, with a focus on sea level rise in Pacific Island countries.

Zoe is also a Research Associate with Queensland’s University of Technology (QUT). At QUT, Zoe is working with the Australian Research Council Special Initiative on Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future, where her research focuses on interdisciplinary research to strengthen Antarctic science, policy, and governance at a time of rapid environmental and geopolitical change.

Beyond the academic context, Zoe works with World Youth for Climate Justice in their global campaign to seek an Advisory Opinion from International Court of Justice in relation to climate change and human rights.

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