Report of the third AGEG workshop, held as part of an international collaboration of leading scholars in the sub‐field of global environmental politics, led by Teresa Kramarz from the University of Toronto, and Susan Park from the University of Sydney. This meeting builds on two previous workshops, in Toronto in 2014 and New Orleans in early 2015.

The Accountability in Global Environmental Governance network (AGEG) was established to promote collaborative research on the concept of accountability in global environmental governance, and thus build a path‐breaking picture of how GEG operates including mapping accountability gaps. The AGEG network brings together scholars with intimate knowledge of key environmental regimes (e.g. air, water, forests, energy, and climate), along with scholars of global institutions (e.g. the United Nations Environmental Program, the World Bank, and International Conventions’ Secretariats), and local initiatives.

This workshop was made possible with the support of the School of Social and Political Sciences and the Department of Government and International Studies at the University of Sydney, as well as the Sydney Environment Institute and the Australian Political Studies Association. AGEG is an Earth System Governance Task Force.

Workshop participants, University of Sydney, December 2015